Find more ways to reach level in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of its kinds. It is the best game that is available on the google play store. It has earned a global appreciation, and today there are so many people who are playing it like addicts. The features of the game make it much more special. Today everyone is trying its best to become the best Pokemon trainer. They are doing whatever they can. The article is to discuss the way by which you can easily reach a level in the Pokemon Go. There is a simple trend or pattern that is to be followed, and you can be the best Pokemon hunter.

Catch Pokemon
The first and most important things are that you must start hunting as many Pokemon as you can. Without the Pokemon, there is nothing that matters. The pokemon go pokecoins hack has such a unique way. You travel in your city and keep looking for the Pokemon on your screen. Once you found them, you can look them in the camera and then throw a Pokeball at them. This will get them captured. Try to capture as many as you can and your level will be up.

Get the Pokeballs without spending much
You can catch the Pokemon with a Pokeball. So, if you cannot afford to buy Pokeballs, then you have to get them as a prize. In the map, you will find that there are spots that have the blue diamonds on them. Get to these places, and once you are in the range, you can tap on them. By the one tap, you can get the free items like the Pokeballs, Pokemon candy and much more. This can be a great way to get the Pokeballs. The more balls you have, the more you can catch the Pokemon and thus get your rank raised.

Get more XP
That is the most crucial part of the game. You have to gain as much experience as you can to become the best Pokemon trainer. There are many ways in the game by which you can increase your XP. First, you have to once again the Pokemon, as many as you can. After catching a single Pokemon, you will get 100XP points. These points are awarded in many other ways. You can get more XP points by throwing the ball ideally. By catching the rare Pokemon, you get really more and more XP points. But remember that is not the only thing that you have to worry about.

Make your Pokemon the best
The Pokemon you get from the field are not that strong. As a good Pokemon trainer, you have to feed them properly and get the best out of them. Initially, the hit points of the Pokemon are not that much. By training them properly and feeding them with the Pokemon Candy and Stardust. The more your Pokemon are trained, the more you will be the best trainer. Thus, if you want to be the best one, you have to follow all of these instructions.