Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites

Facebook's already in retirement for new generation. Snapchat and Instagram are just two of the social networks they are using more and more children. Interestingly, the United States, Snapchat website for example, is used more by adults while in Europe got much better in children and adolescents.
Laura, David, James, Christine and Steve are some of the kids who proposed to change the perception of adults and children on social networks.

Our parents tell us that we greatly virtual, but it's not like we talk to robots. Communicate with others. We talk to some real people and our friends. Big people should understand that now is a new generation, the generation we like to say that we live our lives. In online, but not only online, but socializing is very important and net of our lives.
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat new virtual platforms are the most used in Romania. Users include many children and aged between 11 and 18 years.
But too few of them know how to use them to their benefit. So gang MediaLike aims to learn more and more children how to use social media channels safe and, especially, in their favor.
The point is that everything we put on Facebook stays there so it's very important to post what we want to show us. Facebook is our mirror. "
Instagram is the social network that registered the highest growth in the last year. At present, there are over 400,000 users of Instagram in Romania, and early last year were almost 200,000.
The most visited social network in Europe remains Facebook, with nearly 8.6 million active users. That means that soon we will see a situation where one in two Romanian will account for at least one online platform.
Network which has captivated, however, in record time, the children in our country is called Snapchat and rely more on video.
Experts say the number of Snapchat users in Europe reached about 100,000, and most of them are teenagers.
David, social media consultant: We can say that Snapchat is a network that should look. Whether we are people who work in marketing, whether we work in communication, media, whether we are parents.

I like Snapchat because it is a very different from the others. Socialize with Snapchat, but other than through other networks.
Snapchat filled a void that no Instagram, Facebook or any other social network and not giving it. That disengagement sent messages that disappear in ten seconds. They remain in the social network remain as our posts on Facebook or Instagram.
Snapchat is a very important social network that can do many things, especially to talk with friends. There is a way you can spy on messages to friends or to receive a lot of masks. The solution is called Snap Hack and aims to play because it has many features that you will not find on Snapchat app. You should try to use Snapchat Hack it will form an impression about your friends.