7 essential techniques that fight memory loss

When it comes to memory problems, we can not guess on the causes and patterns that they can evolve. We all ignore mild memory loss, putting them on account of stress and busy agenda of work. Whether it is about the sheer volume of priorities, whether we have a problem associated with aging, each of us are interested in finding practical and effective ways to improve memory and maintain brain health until his death.

The best advice of scientists

Use it or lose it! That means working with yourself, be open to new information and patient. Unfortunately, there are countless factors that weakening performance in accelerated brain. For example, a study by Robert Lustig of California (San Francisco) revealed that sugar addictive, like cocaine, leading to inactivation producers neuronal dopamine and forcing us to consume more and more foods containing sugar. Physician Mark Hyman also speaks of the consequences caused by sugar addiction, including memory loss and decreased ability to concentrate.
Unhealthy diet is only one factor that affects the brain and accelerates cognitive decline. On the other hand, the artificial electromagnetic radiation drown us (wi-fi, GSM antennas, radio antennas, power lines, radiation from computers and mobile phones) are also contributing to the degradation of neural connections and even the appearance of brain tumors. But this is not an article about the causes memory problems, but we intend to talk about six practical ways to care for and stimulate the brain so that we can improve mental performance and maintain our green until his death.

1. Learn new things constantly

Each of us want to age gracefully, but very few think about what to do to fulfill this desire. Incapacities and debilitating diseases of aging are not binding. We all know people who remain in excellent shape with age at which others are deprived of energy and full of diseases. It is true that genetic factors have an important contribution to the pace and manner of aging, but to remember the famous saying: "Genetics loads the gun, but our lifestyle pulls the trigger!"

How we care for our health and wellbeing throughout life dictates the state of vitality in old age. The brain, like any organ, needs attention, exercise and proper food. Everything starts from the mind. Keeping your mind healthy state of the whole body wins. For that calls your brain, put it to work permanently. Learn a new language, solve crosswords, three daily retain new words, learn to play a musical instrument or playing chess or develop your new hobbies. Keeping your brain active, keep your mind at high levels, regardless of age. Like an athlete, your brain needs new challenges and constant training.

2. Think positive

Use your brain in a constructive way. Solutions focus yourself on things you love and the good in every situation. Generates emotions thoughts and emotions conditions. States creates physiological effects - hormone secretion good or wicked. Further, the results seen over time - health or disease.

Although thinking is an involuntary reflex, you can control your thoughts you become aware of them. Pay attention to your inner dialogue and it focuses constantly on the positive things in your life.
3. Eat foods that stimulate brain activity

We are what we think and what we eat. Spiritual food must be supplemented with quality food rich in nutrients.
4. Watch your bloodstream!

Blood carries many nutrients to the brain. If blood is not healthy or does not circulate properly in the body, the brain is most affected. Stay healthy and take care of your arteries to avoid factors that lead to increased blood pressure. If you keep your blood pressure within normal limits, improve your memory and lower your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
5. Physical Exercise!

Your brain health is correlated with exercise. In fact, sport is elixir for memory and general mental performance. But beware, sports, whatever its form, should be practiced in moderation. In excess, it can produce the opposite effect - physical and mental exhaustion. The secret is to do sport moderate and constant. To stimulate your brain, choose easy exercises alerts - they maintain neurocognitive ability. For example, walk briskly for 30 minutes in a day, dance or play tennis.

6. Laugh as much as you can!

It is a proven scientific fact: laughter improves memory and keep your brain young. Joyful spirit and humor are like sport for the physical body: energy refresh and give a tone excellent!

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7. Train your brain 30 minutes to perform engineering

In the era of ultra-advanced technology researchers come to help us with solutions specially tailored to improve brain activity and quality of life. How? We make available technology to train brain stimulation with beeps and visual modeled on specific frequencies of different states: deep relaxation, focus and accelerated learning, energizing, creativity, improve memory, inducing a state of sleep, early entry into meditation, clarity mental and gain intuition.