Titanic 2 will launch on water in 2018 and will stay away from the Atlantic Ocean.

Titanic 2 will launch on water in 2018 and will stay away from the Atlantic Ocean

I think it was written, filmed and talked about Titanic in history more than anyone deserves to endure in a lifetime. Even so, it seems not enough. Because the world does not seem to be weary of Titanic, apparently we will enjoy a first copy of the Titanic, called Titanic 2, lifetime same generation who watched the movie "Titanic" now 19 (!) Years. Ironically, this film has generated more money and more popularity on account sunken vessel than the vessel itself managed to do as long as it floated on the water.

Titanic sank now more than a hundred years, in the spring of 1912 in the cold waters of the North Atlantic right in the opening race from Southampton to New York. Although the death of 1,514 people was a tragedy at the time, the event was forgotten rather quickly, since the immediate two years after the sinking, World War would begin, and the tragedies that have followed will the sinking of the Titanic look like a simple event nefericit.Probabil that the phenomenon of "cosmic" which revived all meant to public attention the Titanic was the movie "Titanic" James Cameron's 1997 which was launched through a campaign extremely aggressive marketing which simply stifle public with all sorts of references and details of the vessel and unlucky love affair between the two protagonists of the film.

The film was such a phenomenon at the time and apparently is still almost get the impression that I traveled on Titanic in November and we have not watched a movie Marketize to sufocare.Ei well, mankind's worst headache when it comes to leaving vestiges of the past remain in place, so that the company that built the original 1912 Blue Star Line decided to build a replica of the liner sank relatively accurate. It is to be released to water in 2016 and then to make his first trip to China-Dubai route in 2018. As you would expect, Titanic's clone would take away from the Atlantic Ocean and especially all items of ice I can not fit into a glass of whiskey. Thus, the vessel will float in the Indian Ocean, a place where certainly will not find iceberg.

However, if you are really passionate about the Titanic, know that Titanic 2 will be very similar to the original, but only on the surface. All rooms will accommodate modern systems, exhaust systems for next-generation digital satellite navigation, radar and about all the technology they enjoy a modern cruise ship. It is clear that Titanic 2 is built not sink again, but let's not forget that the same assumptions were made about the Titanic first one hundred years ago.

However, nostalgia to travel with such a vessel became starlet costs. Unfortunately only those with an extremely high octane will allow a stay in the inaugural voyage of Titanic 2 ticket price is one million dollars. So while the filthy rich passengers will spend a clone of a liner which sank tragically, now you can look like once more to draw British women DiCaprio as some French girls.