People could live on the Moon by 2030.

People could live on the Moon by 2030.

By 2030, experts from the European Space Agency are planning to install a base on the Moon using for the moment 3D technology. With this technology, the lunar soil could be turned into housing for astronauts. First install bases for the International Space Station. Testing printing blocks in lunar soil was an success. The success show a realization of 2 – 4 meters of material per hour, meaning that the entire structure can be built in about a week.

The first building will be completed in the beginning by robots, then people will follow missions. Scientists discussed the proposals for the first permanent base on the Moon. They proposed that through this 3D technology to be created a series of permanent structures using rocky layer that covers the lunar surface by 2030 and finalized astronauts homes.
These new permanent bases have purpose forming new types of scientific research. In an interview, J. Woerner said being dropped in the last 40 years, the moon remains the only celestial body that could be explored by human missions with current technology. Because the Earth has changed massively since its formating due to the fauna and vegetation, silent Moon is an archive of the solar system.

Experts who were involved in this project, met in the Netherlands in December 2015 at an international Symposium. Village on the moon can be built by several countries and could serve for space scientific tourism.
Another disclosure of scientists is that they believe that Moon, Earth’ s Natural satellite, there is a huge network of tunnels on its surface. These tunnels represent volcanic structures. Researchers believe these lava tunnels future astronauts could protect against harsh environmental conditions monthly, in the absence of an atmosphere similar to that of Earth. Unlike Earth, which has a protective magnetic field, thin atmosphere of the moon can not cope. Sun radiation that have a direct impact on anybody who is on the surface of our Moon. It should be noted that the Moon is frequently hit by meteorites has routinely, big temperature differences, according BBC News. Lava tunnels are common on Earth say scientists. They were created by volcanic eruptions that created a solid crust around the molten rock.

Computer simulations performed at Pudue University sought to determine the stability of lunar lava tunels. The researchers found that these underground structures can remain unchanged under the lunar surface. Monthly lava tunnels can reach up tp 5 kilometers wide and have an area as large as Monaco. Wells lava on the Moon can not be explored very weel orbiting space probes, so they need to be investigated on the spot, on the surface of Earth’ s moon. All details about discoveries of scientists were presented in the framework of the 46 th Lunar and Planetary Conference Science taking plance in Texas, United States.

Our planet is an old world threatened by an expanding population and limited resources. We must anticipate these threats and you must have a plan B. If we want our species to survive the next 100 years or 1 000 years, it is imperative to travel in darkness space to colonize new worlds in the cosmos. If we follow this path, then I have no doubt that this century has known in human history under the name Space Age, said renowned British researcher, aged 72 years.