2014 - Year in which man has learned and discovered a lot of things

2014 - Year in which man has learned and discovered a lot of things.

Although in many countries, 2014 was not exactly a good year in terms of financial, social and others, it seems that science has had many accomplishments, at least they think so. In 2014 valuable discoveries were made in the field of genetics, evolutionary, robotics and neuroscience. At least there are some that we know, we usually hidden.
We will make a small top, a top scientific achievements.

1. Mission Rosetta This mission was aimed at new research into the universe of a certain comets at 500 million km from Earth. This mission was a success because the images transmitted Rosetta gave us enough knowledge that we managed to improve our knowledge regarding comets, such as are not as we thought we falling stars we see at night the sky . Although things did not go exactly perfect landing itself consisted success, people evoluad regarding exploration and behavior during missions in space.
2. A old and less common topic today is dinosaurs, whether or not there were or whether certain species are the ancestors of today. One subject, his delicate say is that as birds, among others, are descendants of dinosaurs. There are paleontologists who accept this idea but they and opponents who refuse this idea. Some studies conducted by some international researchers show that some reptiles have evolved teropodelo small bodies which enabled them to rise into the air and fly; which took shape with their evolution.
3. Treatment with young blood. This treatment has been tested on mice, as do almost all scientists. This study shows that blood extracted from young mice containing a protein GDF11 blood, body rejuvenates older animals. Young blood transfusion in old bodies help improve spatial memory. Although no tests were done on humans, researchers say the discovery will open the way for new treatments to stop aging interest to people. A sense of mine says that this was done, only nine we were not made public.
4. Optogenetich says that in his area there have been discoveries related to brain activity .. With a simple implantation of a virus in the body, brain activity can be modified in a field of research. These molecules are activated using light beams. This project has been tested on mice, scientists managed to erase the memory of mice and implanted them to succeed others are false. This project is threatening the working population but can be used for positive purposes aimed at people suffering from schizophrenia who suffer disorders such as depression or to alleviate pain.
5. In the future as a possible treatment of diabetes with stem cells. Scientists believe that the two methods can create cells that produce insulin, people with diabetes need for life. Insufficient insulin causes diabetes. Beta cells can be obtained from skin cells and being reprogrammed and transformed cells of the pancreas. Initial beta cells have been destroyed by the body's immune system, so researchers have been put in difficulty and are therefore forced to find another way to protect cells. The discovery is quite useful in terms of antitoduri the needs of humanity.
6. cheap satellites can be developed. This project has grown since satellites CubeSats, small brought science a valuable service in 2014. In this year have been sent into space about 80 such satellites. The contribution of these satellites is the creation of new images on the planet's surface, testing communication technologies smartphones satellites. In the future, scientists have great expectations from this satellite. Being tiny, around 10 cm will have very high efficiency and will reduce costs.
Looking over the new discoveries in all these years and all hearing more about new technologies and developments make me fear for the future. So many who have discovered that the man practically every day becomes increasingly inefficient. Robots easy easy to replace, and although any bola cures are discovered, die from the disease.