Mind Control Machine

Mind Control Machine

Mind Control Machine
Japanese researchers build machines controlled mental
Japan developing a new generation of consumer electronics devices capable of reading the thoughts of a user and automatically respond to its desires.

A Japanese consortium consisting of companies, research institutes and government of Japan works to manufacture such devices could be launched in less than ten years, according to Tomoo Yamauchi, director of the Division of Research and Development in the Mnisterului of Affairs and Communications of Japan.

The machines will use advanced versions of existing brain interface technology. For example, will allow a person to change the TV channel just thinking about this and will facilitate sending a message through his writing mentor. We already have the technology that allows an operator to determine a robot to execute a simple action or technology by which a person thinks of a number, and this is recorded by a car.

The challenge now is to simplify existing systems and reduce the size of equipment before making them commercially available. Management interfaces brain machines dating from the 70s, but grew especially in recent years. The technology uses sensors to monitor a headphone a person's brain waves and blood flow in the brain, stimulated by his thoughts. Perfecting this technology, systems might feel when a man is, for example, hot or cold, and could adjust the climate of a room depending on this. It is also possible that the navigation system of a car in the future be able to recognize the signals corresponding mental state of hunger and thirst driver and "put up to" a route to the nearest restaurant. "In the early stages of technology, we believe we will be able to help the elderly or those with disabilities, to walk or use his hands. But to make such a system commercially acceptable, you must simplify significantly and try to find a way that does not involve wearing a headgear "said Yamauchi.
How will show police cars of the future?

Today, a police car is made simply from a production car, which is added some special features, such as a partition between the front seats and the back seat, bumpers May solid and rotating beacons. But in the future, police cars will be something else.

Popular Mechanics magazine has imagined a model car designed and built special police units - still at the design stage - to accomplish specific missions. Future police cars - are, for now, in the imagination of designers - will be all together, a vast network of sensors, able to closely monitor every move of everyone - just as afraid to defend civil liberties organizations.
Police cars could be equipped with compressed air firing that will "pull" the suspicious cars with some special projects - actually tracking devices which, attaching itself suspect car would allow them remote monitoring. Cameras, equipped and view at night, it allows viewing and recording license plate numbers, and these, together with data from the GPS will be used by police to track the movements of suspects.