Clash of Clans Game Strategies for 2015

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This is one of the Clash of Clans Game Strategies that works to get both farming resources and trophies. You can have any level of Town Hall and Trophy level. You will need four troops of wall breakers, three giants, forty-nine archers and forty-eight barbarians. The minimum space required for housing is one hundred and twenty. The lower Town Halls must have five wizards, wall breakers, and giants. The rest should be archers and barbarians. In the Higher Town Halls, you will need two dragons, a healer, five to ten giants. As in the lower halls, the rest should be archers and barbarians. Something to note when you attack is that you want to attack people somewhere you can get the elixir you used to spawn the troops so that you do not lose the elixir.
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The Desperate Hunt

Clash of Clans Game Strategies for 2015

The Clash of Clans Game is an exceptionally fun and rewarding game to play. However, it can be frustrating and impossible to play if you don’t have good attack strategies. Clash of Clans Game Strategies can make or break your game. Having some good strategies can immensely lean the odds in your favor. Here are a few to get you started.

KutClan No. 1

This Clash of Clans Game Strategies is one of the ones that help you upgrade stuff. This strategy will help you get your money faster so that you can upgrade faster. You will need ten wall breakers, ten or more giants, (which are optional), eighty to a hundred goblins, and the remaining should be archers. To do this, there has to be a base that has a lot of loot. You will need the Dark Elixir for this, so if you don’t have one, make sure that this has it.

Make sure that you don’t have all of your defenses in one place; only use five wall breakers at once. You should hold and deploy all of the Goblins at once. They will immediately go to all of the resources they find. Make sure that all of the archers can access the defenses, and all of the defenses are firing. If you have the Giants, this makes these Clash of Clans Game Strategies even better. You can deploy the Giants to the strongest defenses first and then you will be able to get the loot faster. If you want trophies, you can send the Archers to the Town Hall to win trophies.

There are many ways to win and do well on this game. Knowing some of the Clash of Clans Game Strategies such as these will help you immensely. There are so many more, however, so keeping looking and good luck